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I have been hesitant to write about Boston just twenty-five miles from my home, because the task has seemed overwhelming.  How do I do justice to a place so filled with opportunities for just about anything?

A city rich in educational institutions, Boston is also blooming with cultural attributes such as the Museum of Fine Arts and The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  Boston mingles the world of colleges and universities with medical facilities, making this city one of the foremost in advanced abilities for treatment.

Aside from being a pretty city, entwined with the beautiful Charles River, this town is also playful, literally.  Theatre offerings are many and major productions are featured here thoughout the four seasons.

Having traveled to New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Phoenix and Chicago to name a few, I can honestly write that Boston has everything those cities posess and more.  It is, afterall, home to the Red Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins, and the Patriots.  We’re proud of being a sports city. 

There are some great ideas for weekends in Boston available on the internet.  The history here alone is worth experiencing.  Old North Church is a personal favorite.  

Enjoy some time in Boston – I love it, and I think you will too.  


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This past week, I visited both York, Maine and Boothbay Harbor. 

If you know Maine’s coast, you’re probably familiar with these wonderful towns.

York is an amazing beach community at the literal edge of a vibrant town filled with places to eat, drink and be merry.  There is also a nice variety of shops – I’m particularly fond of Whispering Sands – they sell quality gifts along with my books !

The beach is a smooth stretch of sand, and there are rock gatherings in particular places if you are a rock freak as I am.  I love looking at the shapes and colors; I like trying to figure out what substance and historic event has formed them. 

Just one hour north of Boston, York is a great day trip or week-long vacation spot.  There’s something for people of all ages.

Further north for another two hours, the Boothbay region is completely different from York.  The harbor town is built on a hill – it is quaint and incredibly picturesque.  Standing at the town side of the harbor and looking across, your eyes will see a variety of boats and in the background, the beautiful Queen of Peace Catholic Church.  It looks like a postcard.

If you enjoy boat rides, there are a variety of tours ranging in time from one hour to several.  The one I like is to Squirrel Island.  I’ve seen seals while on that one-hour cruise – kids love this tour and it’s not so long that it bores them.

In town, the shops are terrific, filled with arts and crafts and other quality items.  Again, I have a favorite store,  Sherman’s.  Their upstairs is all about books and front and center, are mine !  It’s exciting to walk into a very public and busy place and see your name on a book cover.  I like being in the background, home writing, but it’s kind of like The Secret Garden, walking in and seeing your title and name, but no one knows who you are :>) 

Maine is wonderful, there are so many offerings, coastal and internal.  Pemaquid Point is a must-see.  The lighthouse and its surroundings are north of Boothbay, but worth every second in travel time.  No one could ever forget Pemaquid – it is my most favorite place in the world.  Even more so than Paris, France or my beloved England, where we lived for three glorious years.  Pemaquid is the best.  I’ll elaborate more on that place in another blog. 


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Tiverton and Little Compton are connected neighbors in a plush, serene, coastal farmland and vineyard area of Rhode Island.

To get there from the Boston area, take 93 south to 24 south – signs for Newport ( also beautiful) and Tiverton will be evident from 24. From Boston, it would be about an hour and a half travel time – for me, on the south shore, it’s about 45 minutes. The end journey is worth every moment.

Tiverton Four Corners is situated on routes 81 and 177. There, you will find that The Provender, a French sandwich shop and exquisite bakery awaits your palette. They also make a great cup of coffee or tea. You can sit in their cafe with huge windows before you looking out to Gray’s Ice Cream Shop (mentioned as one of the 6 best in New England by Yankee Magazine), and a couple of friendly cows behind the shop appreciate a visit and a few kind words.

Within walking distance, there are are antique shops and galleries; about one-half mile down the road, there are other creative items available, such as hand woven scarves, table runners, etc., offering quality items.

This day trip is not a lengthy one, but it takes you to a different world. The last time we were there, one month ago (we go there often), we took a side road toward the water and were breathless with the beauty of the land. The mile or two stretch of rugged farms against water took my imagination to a place we might all wish for in our hectic, complicated lives. It looks like a place where there would be no such thing as a cell phone – I love it. There are some decent sights regarding Tiverton Four Corners – I would advise you to check them out and then go :>)

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