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Quechee, Vermont

About two hours north of Boston, Quechee (qweechee) Vermont is nestled a few miles west of White River Junction, New Hampshire, on scenic route four. Beyond Quechee by about ten miles, is the quaint village of Woodstock, which is the epitome of a New England town dressed fto please. Further west is the Killington ski area and then Rutland is parked on the edge of New York State.
Back to Quechee. We found this wonderful place on route from south of Boston where we live as we often made our way in a lop-sided circle, to Bennington and then home on the Mass Pike. When we first began to take this two-day journey, we went through Quechee and didn’t really spend time there. After sevral years, we began to notice that this financially poor-looking little town was blossoming into a gorgeous resort. A developer went in to the area and created a fairy-tale place to visit or live. It was at that point that I stopped to explore a huge and attractive building which advertised antiques, crafts, and a country store all under one roof. After browsing through an intricate maze of wonderful objects, I inquired about selling my primitive art there. They were receptive, and that began more than twenty years of a great relationship with that facility, now known as Vermont Antiques Mall – it has a red roof, not easy to miss. That move meant that I would make approximately ten trips north every year to replenish and hang my paintings. Sadly, I am moving out of there in mid-September. The store is still great, but the route to my paintings has recently been altered and very few people see them. I’ll miss going there for business, but I’ll still go there to visit and shop.
If you want a panoramic view of what has been referred to as the Grand Canyon of the east, Quechee Gorge, take a day or two to go there and bring your camera. If you like to hike, there are paths all the way to the bottom of the gorge where you will be greeted by the Ottauquechee River.
Every year around or on Father’s Day, there is a balloon festival in town. You must get off of route four, take a turn toward the village, and look for a field where color blooms in decorative balloons waiting to take flight. If winds are too irratic, the balloons stay put. I’ve seen them in the air and it looks like pure magic.
Two wonderful old covered bridges welcome you into the town – each was badly damaged with Hurricane Irene in 2011, but they are under repair and the area is ready to welcome you.
You won’t be disappointed.

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This Saturday, from ten until seven in the evening, Plymouth’s historic waterfront will host a fabulous, fun festival (sorry for the alliterations) in the harbor area. My tent and that of other local writers, will be located near the Mayflower, the gift shop and the restrooms.
Hundreds of vendors with food items and wonderful crafts will offer much to see and munch, and I will be selling my primitive paintings. My books will be for sale at the table next to me represented by Riverhaven Books and the Cape Cod Writers’ Center.
It’s promised to be great weather – come and enjoy the day in beautiful Plymouth :>)

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Every Saturday morning we look at the weather and decide, do we play today or Sunday? I have a motto I live by, “Don’t Postpone Joy”. One weekend day we do chores, the other, we try to visit some wonderful place. We’ve been in a serious car accident, battled cancer and won, heart surgery and won, and I, as a pedestrian, was nearly squashed by a car spinning out of control during a bank robbery police chase. I know about sudden death, so every opportunity for fun/joy is appreciated.
This past Saturday, the destination was North Conway, New Hampshire. I sold my primitive paintings at the beautiful Handcrafter’s Barn in the center of town for nearly twenty years. The place is still there, owned by a young couple, Lisa and Ben, and their adorable dog, Cornbread. If you decide to go to this wonderful craft shop, give yourself an hour or two – there’s lots to see.
Aside from being “outlet heaven” for shoppers, North Conway is picturesque no matter which way you turn. To the north and west, the White Mountain State Forest awaits for those who enjoy hiking or photography or both. To the east, Maine taps you on the shoulder offering an opportunity to visit them as well.
With a population of less than three-thousand, North Conway seems like an old-fashioned glimpse of America, maybe the way we would all prefer it to be.
If you’re an e.e.cummings fan, you might find it interesting that the poet summered in North Conway and died there in nineteen sixty-two.
About two and a half hours north of Boston, we do it easily in a day, but there are numerous hotels and bed and breakfast places in which to stay. The quaint town is a point of interest – absolutely a jewel which New England is proud to claim.

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Shortly after you cross the beautiful and not – to -be – missed Cape Cod Canal, to get to Sandwich, you need to follow route 6A.. It is a winding and picturesque road filled with interesting old homes and shops – a true slice of Cape Cod and New England.

Shortly after traveling 6A, you will see signs for route 130 which takes you into the heart of Sandwich and a variety of historical sights: the Daniel Webster Inn, and other great little shops await you for fine food and hunting souveniers or great gifts. My books are sold in Heidi’s Gem, a store with a “smithering” of just about everything, including some wonderful hand made items and old-fashioned candy store treats.

The Jarvis Street area is also home to a bakery that will send your taste buds and sugar levels into a spin – they have wonderful sandwiches as well. I believe it’s called Rebecca’s, but just ask anyone on that street about the bakery – everyone knows about it.

Also on Jarvis, is a super thrift store, St, John’s, and it is not only beautifully arranged with all sorts of treasures, it is inexpensive. I never fail to find something there I simply cannot resist.

Sandwich is representative of this country’s beginnings – without going further than this pretty town, you will find the essence of the cape and New England.

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