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About one hundred years ago when I was eighteen, I worked at Raytheon for the summer before college. While there, I met and worked with a girl from Milford, New Hampshire. She was going to nursing school in the fall, but was spending the summer in Quincy, Massachusetts with her aunt, while working with me at putting part A to part B. Her name was Leigh, she was turning-heads-beautiful, and didn’t care. She was from a group of people in Milford who had formed a religious community – she was definite about marrying someone from that group and paid no attention to the wolf-whistles from male co-workers. Her life intrigued me enough that a story line stayed with me and about five years ago, I wrote a novel based on a community similiar to hers.
Over the years, I had forgotten where Leigh was from. We are day-trippers and found ourselves in the Amherst/Milford region of New Hampshire about a year ago. I was overjoyed to remember that I was in the town where Leigh had hailed from, now if only I could recall her last name. I couldn’t.
However, Milford is a beautiful town situated on the Sowhegan River. Once a prolific mill area, the town’s name came from the mills and the ford in the river. It is a scenic area with lucious greenery and hills, yet it remains quaint and simple. The main route which runs through Amherst and Milford, 101, is layered with restaurants and shops, everything from TJMaxx to tiny antique stores. It is a place where a weekend could easily be spent with something for everyone.
Milford is also known for its granite products – a granite town in The Granite State. With a population of about 15,000, the town appears to be in great financial shape. Businesses are open, no empty shops or for sale signs, and from Boston north, it is not much more than an hour in travel.
Historically, Milford was known as a prime stop on the underground railway. The pastoral setting of my novel, in which Leigh is present, remarkably resembles Milford. The town and its offerings are well worth the visit.


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We can’t allow the insane act of one individual to steal our loved ones and our spirits. Nothing I have to say or write would impact what has happened in Connecticut, my birth state. As you are stunned, so am I.

I wish you a peaceful holiday season whatever your choice of worship.

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Segments of the suspense novel I am currently writing takes place in Providence, Rhode Island. I find that writing about a place I love, makes me want to go there, like right away :>)
Providence has one of the prettiest capital buildings I’ve ever seen. The dome on the building is gleaming gold and the city’s architecture is truly comparable to European cities. I’m not sure that Providence has been properly saluted – it deserves recognition for its offerings.
Aside for being rich in culture, with wonderful museums and theatre performances, the river area is a combination of natural beauty and art. And the mall, no kidding, this is “super mall”. I am not a professional shopper, although TJMAxx is a personal friend of mine :>) But Providence Place Mall is amazing – it has price points to appeal to everyone.
Since the state is small, you’re not far from the Newport/Tiverton area, all of the state’s attributes are worth a tour and easily accomplished. Rhode Island in general deserves to be noted for the saying that good things come in small packages. There’s nothing small about the state’s ability to please, and nothing comparable to Providence. I’m heading to that mall before Christmas, and I’m having a stroll along the river as well :>)

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