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Situated about ninety miles from both New York City and Boston, Massachusetts, Simsbury, Connecticut remains in my memory of childhood days away from the city of Hartford where my father was a policeman and we made our home.

I recall the basket-packed picnics through the quaint town with its beautiful old homes and historic buildings. Our journey was to seek peace and quiet in a magical space, Simsbury’s Talcott Mountain State Park.

With a 2010 population of just over 23,500, the town was incorporated in 1670. It was the second town in Connecticut to be settled by Europeans.

Home to the International Skating Center, the area has been the home and training arena for Olympic champions Oksana Baiul and Sasha Cohen, among others.

In close proximity to the vibrant city of Hartford, Simsbury offers scenic views, rambling rivers, true colonial homes, and the immense park which beckons hikers and family activities. There is something there for everyone.


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When we’re in the mood for a brief ride through country roads and seeing picturesque homes, we often drive to and through Duxbury, Massachusetts. Just a few miles from my own home, we are there within twenty minutes, in a placidly beautiful town on the south shore’s coast.

Located just thirty-five miles south of Boston, Duxbury is saturated in history. Many of the Mayflower’s passengers, and the Plymouth Colony’s inhabitants, became residents of Duxbury – there are historic homes and museums dotting the town with charm and interest.

Founded in 1637, the town once included the area now known as Pembroke. They border one another, with Duxbury greeting the ocean while Pembroke does not. They are both wonderful old New England towns. Duxbury was noted for its rich farmland throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, later becoming a ship building community.

There is something unique about the town. The land is flat, yet filled with wonderful ponds, fields, forest areas, and intriguing homes and public buildings. The ocean at its side, Duxbury is sought after for summer recreation, yet this community keeps its dignity with non-commercial activities. The shops are home-grown and classy.

Just north of historic Plymouth, Duxbury is worth driving to and exploring. There are some wonderful restaurants, many of them housed in charming old homes, and there are enough shops to provide interest and quality in their offerings.

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