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If you’re thinking about a day trip for a great breakfast, shopping at places such as Marshall’s, TJMAXX, antiques shops, book stores and toy shops, Amherst is a great destination. Just about an hour and a half north of Boston, the area is draped in magnificent hills and nicely tended-to roads. It is from Amherst, at an ASPCA yard sale, we became family to our two wonderful rabbits, Henry and Gracie.

For a trip down memory lane and excellent, old-fashioned fare, you won’t want to miss Joey’s Diner – it is on a corner of route 101a and a seconadary road. The place is built on two levels and deocrated in everything fifties, from juke boxes to chrome everything, and children’s ride-in cars are suspended from the ceilings. Every delicious bite offers an invitation to look around.

From: Virginia Young, author of I Call Your Name and By A Thread.

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