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Nestled in the western part of Massachusetts among the Berkshires, the quaint town of Lenox has much to offer. There is Tanglewood, the summer home of The Boston Symphony Orchestra and a tourist destination for those searching for the perfect little New England town.

With mountains to the east and west, the area is picturesque, with rolling hills, babbling brooks and historical homes. The rustic beauty is a magnet to the arts. Part and full-time residents have included the famous musician, Yo-Yo Ma, the magical singer-song writer, James Taylor, writer, Edith Wharton, and writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, to name a few.

A two-hour drive from Boston, Lenox was settled in 1750 when Sarah and Jonathan Hinsdale from Hartford, Connecticut established a small inn and general store in the area. Industries included farming, sawmills, textile mills, glassworks and quarrying.

Considered a Golden Age resort, Lenox is an enchanting town with attractions for everyone. Restaurants and accommodations are plentiful in the area – you’re certain to find this town memorable.

I’ll be heading that way again in the fall to publisize my new novel which is available now on Kindle and will be available in paperback as of August first. It is titled I Call Your Name, a romantic suspense set on Martha’s Vineyard. It may be purchased through Amazon, Mainly Murder Press, or at bookstores. If your bookstore does not carry it, you may order it. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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For six days three times each year, Brimfield, Massachusetts jumps into an antique frenzy as hundreds of vendors and thousands of customers browse for and buy antiques and other collectible items. It is a colorful and joyful circus, with bargains of the most unusual kind.

The aromas of sausage sandwiches, hotdogs and hamburgers, and fried dough, drift among the crowd. The atmosphere is fun and enchanting.

Just beyond Olde Sturbridge Village on route 20, Brimfield resembles a nineteen-thirties postcard of typical New England farm land. There are numerous places to stay nearby, and restaurants and cafes where you can find about anything you’re wishing for to eat.

The flea market is well organized; it’s planned so that vendors have adequate space and are not lined up next to similar items – it’s interesting, not to mention a little invasive of your wallet – there are bound to be items you simply can’t go home without.

The upcoming event is from May 14th – 19th, then again from July 9th – 14th, and September 3rd – 8th. Wear comfortable shoes and drag a wagon along if you can – prepare for lots of walking and fun.

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Nestled at the southwest corner of Vermont, neighboring Massachusetts and New York, Bennington has nicely settled itself into the craggy hills of the state. Traveling across route 2, then going north on route 7, the scenery is an absolute treat for the eyes. Farmland and forests, quaint homes and shops, are all there to greet the visitor.
Speckled with historic buildings and grand architecture, Bennington offers the Bennington Battle Monument, the fascinating Bennington Museum, and the prestigious Bennington College. There are also three covered bridges to take you over and around bubbling streams and rivers which have been used to power an assortment of mills.
The area is near to where the American painter, Grandma Moses, lived and loved painting her renditions of the simple life she had known in that beautiful part of this country. For several years, I sold my paintings, which were similiar to those of Grandma Moses, at a huge craft and antique center in the area. Now that I’m writing novels, I have every intention of setting one in this remarkable spot.
Every time I visit Bennington, which is usually once each year, I find myself mesmerized by the town center’s clock. It is a standing piece about ten or twelve feet high. It is old and accurate. It is also charming. The entire town is charming, and the scenery as you enter and leave, is simply magical.
While mentioning “magical”, I am elated to report that a Canadian publisher has offered me a contract for my young adult novel, Nocturnal. Another suspense novel is being released by Mainly Murder Press in August of 2013. This has been a great writing year for me – I’m very grateful for the faith these companies have in my style.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :>)

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