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I’ve taken you to Plymouth, but this time, it’s to a little restaurant where the food is homemade and excellent, and the people are charming.

If you are familiar with Twelve Tribes traditions, this is the group who prepares and serves the food.  If you are not aware of this gathering of people, information is available on line.

Some people refer to them as a cult.  I do not.  I may be wrong, but my knowledge of them has been positive and I genuinely like how they live – caring for one another.

While they have other eating establishments throughout the world, the one I know and love is on North Street in Plymouth’s historic center.  If you like cheesecake, I guarantee, you will never find another as good as this one.  Their soups, sandwiches, pancakes, muffins, and pies are all fantastic.  And they make the best coffee, refills are free.

Inside, you will find a historic building – one could imagine this is how it was in the eighteen-hundreds.  There are two fireplaces, an old-fashioned wooden counter where you order your food, and cozy little tables where you are invited to munch while visiting with friends.  And the clothing, the women dress modestly, in homesewn skirts and loose-fitting pants to the floor.  The men have beards, long-ish hair, and their clothing is also humble.  It’s fascinating.

I’m heading there Sunday to meet a writing friend, but since I am often called by name as I enter, I suppose it must be evident that I’m there a lot.  I highly recommend Blue Blinds – it’s a very sweet, serene place to visit.



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