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Since I am currently writing a novel based at the center  ( not the outstanding coastline), of the island of Martha’s Vineyard, I am interested in writing a bit about the place.  The novel carries a sense of mystery, as does the location.

Twenty miles long and nine miles wide, Martha’s Vineyard has many scenic offerings, not to mention a coastline stretching for more than forty miles.  Pulling into Oak Bluffs on the smooth, gigantic ferry out of Woods Hole, the nautical wonder surrounds and saturates.  It is enchanting.  And the departure town, Woods Hole, is not a town to miss, since you may choose to leave from there rather than Hyannis – also a great Cape Cod town.  Not to change direction, I would like to point out that Woods Hole is home to the Oceanographic Institute – it is beautiful there and there are some very good restaurants and cafes.

Back to Martha’s Vineyard.  The ferry trip takes an hour or so and is completely relaxing.  Gliding along on that glorious sea, with a cup of tea or coffee in  hand, is a treat.  I would not suggest a book – you’d be missing too much visually and magically – it’s a time to chat with someone you care for, or to dream.

The island is home to six towns : Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, Edgartown, Vineyard Haven, West Tisbury, and Chilmark.  Numerous celebrities have homes on the island, but it is also a place for the rest of us – it does not appear to be a wealthy man’s land – it appears calm and welcoming to everyone.

The last time we visited there, we rented a car because I felt drawn to the inner land.  I’d seen the coastal areas from tour buses and on foot, but now I wanted to see what the heart of this island was holding.  I found the center of the island to be the space I favored, which is why I have set my current novel there.  While there are homes, they are more sedate than found at the coast – the land is filled with twisted trees limbs and high-grass fields – I can’t wait to go back there with another rented vehicle.  Soon.

If you haven’t gone, go.  If you’ve journeyed there as I have, but not for a while, go again.  We are fortunate in southern Massachusetts  to live close to our islands – it makes it possible to enjoy more often.  If you are coming to this area, try to fit it in to your schedule.  You will not regret the time and effort in going to Martha’s Vineyard.  I promise.



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