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Every Saturday morning we look at the weather and decide, do we play today or Sunday? I have a motto I live by, “Don’t Postpone Joy”. One weekend day we do chores, the other, we try to visit some wonderful place. We’ve been in a serious car accident, battled cancer and won, heart surgery and won, and I, as a pedestrian, was nearly squashed by a car spinning out of control during a bank robbery police chase. I know about sudden death, so every opportunity for fun/joy is appreciated.
This past Saturday, the destination was North Conway, New Hampshire. I sold my primitive paintings at the beautiful Handcrafter’s Barn in the center of town for nearly twenty years. The place is still there, owned by a young couple, Lisa and Ben, and their adorable dog, Cornbread. If you decide to go to this wonderful craft shop, give yourself an hour or two – there’s lots to see.
Aside from being “outlet heaven” for shoppers, North Conway is picturesque no matter which way you turn. To the north and west, the White Mountain State Forest awaits for those who enjoy hiking or photography or both. To the east, Maine taps you on the shoulder offering an opportunity to visit them as well.
With a population of less than three-thousand, North Conway seems like an old-fashioned glimpse of America, maybe the way we would all prefer it to be.
If you’re an e.e.cummings fan, you might find it interesting that the poet summered in North Conway and died there in nineteen sixty-two.
About two and a half hours north of Boston, we do it easily in a day, but there are numerous hotels and bed and breakfast places in which to stay. The quaint town is a point of interest – absolutely a jewel which New England is proud to claim.


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