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Nestled along a picturesque harbor, Historic Wickford Village waits to be explored.

About two hours’ drive from Boston on Route 95 S, take Route 4 S to 102 S, exit 5A.  Three miles along Route 102, turn onto Brown Street and find yourself in the center of Wickford Village.  You will feel a calmness for the quiet, enchanting scenery.  It is not the rush of a more commercial waterfront town, it is the charm of history mingled with fine shops and restaurants situated along a scenic harbor dotted with colorful boats.

Recently, Yankee Magazine noted that there are “seven” New England States.  I read with interest that they have concluded that the seventh state is the sea.  Clever.  Other than beautiful Vermont, the other five New England states border the ocean with shorelines to deliver a thrill – the sea is immense and soothing, a huge attraction to most.

Settled in 1637, Wickford has been said to possess “One of the ten best Main Streets in America.”  They begin in May with a festive Memorial Day Parade.  In June, a garden tour and in July an arts festival.  Vibrant fall foliage provides entertainment for a few months until December when the town proudly displays their Festival of Lights. 

Twenty minutes over a network of bridges, Wickford is a neighbor to beautiful Newport.  The entire area holds treasures and treats for everyone. With ample doses of pure New England charm, Wickford should not be overlooked.  A weekend or even a day in the area will provide you with the change of scenery you will not forget. 

Virginia Young, author – southshorewriter.com 


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As a child, I had a friend who often entertained her cousin from East Greenwich, Rhode Island. We lived in Massachusetts. I recall that the cousin’s name was Andrea, but her last name escapes me. As kids, we enjoyed one another’s company very much.

Driving home from Mystic, Connecticut last week, we went through East Greenwich and I decided I’d like to see the town rather than simply drive through. What I found was a wonderfully picturesque Historic District, a town hall in a Federal-Georgian style ( used for many years as a courthouse ), wealthy homes and modest, quaint homes dotting the serene countryside and harbor area.

Located in the center of the state, East Greenwich was founded in 1677, named for the town of Greenwich, England. In the year 1686, the name of the town was changed to Dedford, then reverted back to its original name in 1689 – good choice.

With approximately 13,000 residents as of the 2010 census, and the former home of TV star Debra Messing, the town is a little gem offering its residents and visitors serene beauty. There are wonderful places to dine within the town’s main street as well as at Greenwich Cove where an after-dinner stroll would definitely be in order.

East Greenwich is worth taking the time to stop and enjoy. There’s something magnetic about the community, almost as if modern times have taken a back seat to the treasured old buildings and homes exhibiting the charm of years gone by.

Virginia Young – author of I Call Your Name, a romantic suspense set on Martha’s Vineyard. Available through bookstores, Kindle, Amazon and Mainly Murder Press.

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Tiverton and Little Compton are connected neighbors in a plush, serene, coastal farmland and vineyard area of Rhode Island.

To get there from the Boston area, take 93 south to 24 south – signs for Newport ( also beautiful) and Tiverton will be evident from 24. From Boston, it would be about an hour and a half travel time – for me, on the south shore, it’s about 45 minutes. The end journey is worth every moment.

Tiverton Four Corners is situated on routes 81 and 177. There, you will find that The Provender, a French sandwich shop and exquisite bakery awaits your palette. They also make a great cup of coffee or tea. You can sit in their cafe with huge windows before you looking out to Gray’s Ice Cream Shop (mentioned as one of the 6 best in New England by Yankee Magazine), and a couple of friendly cows behind the shop appreciate a visit and a few kind words.

Within walking distance, there are are antique shops and galleries; about one-half mile down the road, there are other creative items available, such as hand woven scarves, table runners, etc., offering quality items.

This day trip is not a lengthy one, but it takes you to a different world. The last time we were there, one month ago (we go there often), we took a side road toward the water and were breathless with the beauty of the land. The mile or two stretch of rugged farms against water took my imagination to a place we might all wish for in our hectic, complicated lives. It looks like a place where there would be no such thing as a cell phone – I love it. There are some decent sights regarding Tiverton Four Corners – I would advise you to check them out and then go :>)

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